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Varsity Performance and 2021 Opportunities


2020 is in the review mirror allowing us to highlight several soybean lines carrying major roles in our 2021-22 planting portfolio.  While these seven different lines demonstrate very notable performance and genetic diversity in F.I.R.S.T. and University results, these 39 top ten finishes help showcase the ability of our Enlist E3® soybean portfolio.  (See table at the end of this article.)

You have consistently conveyed that the data you trust, more than any other, is data generated in your fields under your environmental conditions.  This year, thanks to your efforts, we generated nearly 150 unique plot locations in our dealer network, and we would like to see that number double or even triple into the future (see map below).  These locations represent dealer-generated data only and not those from University or FIRST pools.

Combining all appropriate yield data sources allows for improved evaluation and better placement for which we are grateful.  With that appreciation in mind, we humbly ask you to increase your plot efforts to generate further data helping us drive more comprehensive data evaluation which is the lifeblood of a successful breeding program.  If given the opportunity, encourage others to put in a small plot or side-by-side comparison to help us improve and learn.  Work with your DSM, RSM, and/or Regional Agronomist to ensure that the plot seed and its valuable harvest data is captured and loaded into the system.  There is no doubt that we all learn better when we learn together.

Stay healthy, safe, and positive as we venture into the upcoming growing season!

VARIETYLOCATIONYieldPlot AveAdvRank# Entries in Trial
DSR-0645ENDSUBarnes Cty-Dazey,  Dryland50.547.62.9938
DSR-0645ESDSUSelby, Group 0 & 163.458.25.2115
DSR-0645EU of MNNorthern:Waseca/Lamberton/Westbrook46.242.04.2631
DSR-0920ENDSUBarnes Cty, Dazey Dryland51.547.63.9838
DSR-0920ESDSUSouth Shore Group 0 & I67.965.12.8418
DSR-0920ESDSUSelby, Group 0 & 161.958.23.7315
DSR-0920EU of WINorthern Early - Arlington89.083.06.0233
DSR-0920EFIRSTMinnesota North Central, Wendell52.242.79.5348
DSR-0920EFIRSTMinnesota North Central, Clear Lake33.429.93.5748
DSR-0920EFIRSTMinnesota North Central, Royalton48.144.53.6748
DSR-0920EFIRSTMinnesota North Central Summary44.639.05.6448
DSR-1673ESDSUBancroft, Group
DSR-1673ESDSUBath, Group 0 & 166.764.22.5928
DSR-1673ESDSUSouth Shore Group 0 & I68.965.13.8218
DSR-1673EU of MNSouthern Zone Waseca/Lamberton/Westbrook83.676.07.6443
DSR-1673EFIRSTSouth Dakota East Central, Arlington54.249.05.2763
DSR-2030EU of MNSouthern Zone Waseca/Lamberton/Westbrook85.976.09.9243
DSR-2030ESDSUBancroft, Group 258.458.8-0.4811
DSR-2030ESDSUBrookings, Group 268.667.90.7611
DSR-2030ESDSUMiller, Group 248.745.43.3312
DSR-2030ESDSUPlankinton, Group 262.759.43.3520
DSR-2030EFIRSTMinnesota South, Lamberton71.366.44.9748
DSR-2424EU of ILReg 1 DeKalb Early72.869.13.7437
DSR-2424EMSUSouthern RR Early Ingham56.653.82.81055
DSR-2424ESDSUBancroft, Group
DSR-2424ESDSUPlankinton, Group 261.959.42.5720
DSR-2424EU of WISouthern RR Platteville95.086.09.0575
DSR-2640EU of ILReg 1 Early, 3-Loc Average75.473.71.7837
DSR-2640EU of ILReg 1 Early Fenton81.676.25.4637
DSR-2640EMSUSouthern RR Early Ingham56.953.83.1955
DSR-2640ESDSUPlankinton Group 259.459.40.01020
DSR-2640EFIRSTIndiana North Valparaiso63.057.55.5862
DSR-3256EU of ILReg 1 Late, 3-Loc Average76.571.45.1336
DSR-3256EU of ILReg 1 Late Fenton78.575.62.9936
DSR-3256EU of ILReg 1 Late Mt. Morris74.369.64.71036
DSR-3256EU of ILReg 1 Late DeKalb76.868.97.9136
DSR-3256EFIRSTIndiana North (INNO) Remington63.556.66.9162
DSR-3256EFIRSTIndiana North (INNO) Valparaiso68.557.511.0162
DSR-3256EFIRSTIndiana North (INNO) Summary61.957.94.0362

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