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Dairyland Seed Announces Mid-Season Soybean Releases

BY Dairyland Seed

Dairyland Seed recently announced the release six new soybean varieties for the 2021 planting season.  The descriptions of the new products follow:


Our new DSR-1010E provides a yield potential bump over DSR-1032E with much better standability.  This line is compact and well branched coming in about a day earlier than DSR-0920E with similar IDC scoring.  Above average PRR field tolerance, as well as moderate tolerance to BSR, helped this line demonstrate very solid emergence and early vigor that allowed for consistency in last year’s plots based on my notes thorough the growing season.


DSR-1290E is a very limited release line for 2021 planting, but this is one to try to lay your hands on if you can.  Far and away one of the highest yielding lines across trait platforms in the 2020 data for the early 1.0 RM group.  Boasting solid scores for PRR field tolerance, emergence, white mold, SDS, and standability, combined with adequate agronomics across the board, helps provide the yield catalyst needed to jump on this line as an early adopter candidate for your future soybean acres.


DSR-1450E is sandwiched in between DSR-1318E and DSR-1673E with equal to or better agronomics and a couple bushel better yield potential to boot in this competitive grouping.  Offering additional and improved genetic diversity in the middle 1.0 RM zone this line will add another solid performer to our portfolio giving this RM zone the ability to punch above its weight.


DSR-1707E is likely the best pound for pound agronomic addition to the new portfolio in this RM.  This line can provide the ability to succeed in some of the tougher conditions around with strong white mold and BSR tolerance, good PRR field tolerance with an Rps1k gene, and dependable IDC tolerance. This a line that can fit many different roles in your operation.  Call your DSM and secure yourself some units before their gone!


A new, clear hilum conventional for the late 2 early 3 markets.  With an approximate 35% protein content, this line is being tested for tofu production potential at several different end user facilities in our footprint.  Middle of the road for height and width, with very competent agronomics and nice yield potential.  Excellent harvest visual appeal in this light tawney with tan pod product.    One item to be fully aware of in environments where Frogeye is prevalent, a fungicidal application is highly recommended.


An early 3.0 RM that has yield potential like the mid and later group 3 products in our current product lineup.  Excellent emergence and PRR field tolerance backed by the Rps1c gene, with otherwise adequate agronomics help this line seek and destroy all other competitors for yield.  Use of a fungicide is strongly encouraged in SWM & FES prone environments to capture all the yield this line has to offer.

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  • Dairyland Seed Announces Mid-Season Soybean Releases
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