Excellent data IN 2020 SOUTH DAKOTA F.I.R.S.T. corn GRAIN trials!



Trial Name





Yield (bu/a)Plot AverageAdvantage (bu/a)
91DS-3162QSouth Dakota Northeast (SDNE)EarlyMansfieldSD6 of 54250.5234.615.9
93DS-3366QSouth Dakota Northeast (SDNE)EarlyWatertownSD10 of 54234.2219.314.9
93DS-3366QSouth Dakota Northeast (SDNE)EarlyClear LakeSD11 of 54209.6198.810.8
95DS-3550AMSouth Dakota Northeast (SDNE)EarlyMansfieldSD5 of 54251.3234.616.7
95DS-3550AMSouth Dakota Northeast (SDNE)EarlyBathSD6 of 54250.4233.516.9
95DS-3550AMSouth Dakota Northeast (SDNE)EarlySummarySD14 of 54224.8216.88.0
97DS-3715AMRIBSouth Dakota Northeast (SDNE)FullBathSD11 of 54249.6240.09.6
98DS-3810QSouth Dakota Southeast (SDSE)EarlyBeresfordSD8 of 59198.1183.214.9
98DS-3810QSouth Dakota Southeast (SDSE)EarlyColtonSD8 of 59239.4227.012.4
98DS-3810QSouth Dakota Northeast (SDNE)FullClear LakeSD9 of 54217.4204.113.3
100DS-4000AMXTSouth Dakota Northeast (SDNE)FullBathSD2 of 54259.3240.019.3
100DS-4000AMXTSouth Dakota Northeast (SDNE)FullSummarySD4 of 54229.4220.98.5
100DS-4000AMXTSouth Dakota Northeast (SDNE)FullArlingtonSD9 of 54198.2183.714.5
100DS-4000AMXTSouth Dakota Southeast (SDSE)EarlyColtonSD10 of 59237.8227.010.8
100DS-4000AMXTSouth Dakota Southeast (SDSE)EarlyDell RapidsSD15 of 59247.0237.29.8
100DS-4014QSouth Dakota Northeast (SDNE)FullWatertownSD2 of 54256.6228.128.5
100DS-4014QSouth Dakota Southeast (SDSE)EarlySalemSD5 of 59254.8241.912.9
100DS-4014QSouth Dakota Southeast (SDSE)EarlyBeresfordSD7 of 59198.5183.215.3
100DS-4014QSouth Dakota Northeast (SDNE)FullClear LakeSD8 of 54217.9204.113.8
101DS-4018AMSouth Dakota Southeast (SDSE)EarlyIreneSD6 of 59252.6236.616.0
103DS-4310AMSouth Dakota Southeast (SDSE)FullColtonSD11 of 59238.7230.28.5
104DS-4440AMSouth Dakota Southeast (SDSE)FullBeresfordSD6 of 59192.3176.815.5
104DS-4440AMSouth Dakota Southeast (SDSE)FullSummarySD11 of 59229.9222.97.0
104DS-4440AMSouth Dakota Southeast (SDSE)FullIreneSD11 of 59243.3234.29.1
104DS-4440AMSouth Dakota Southeast (SDSE)FullSalemSD13 of 59261.1251.110.0
105DS-4580QSouth Dakota Southeast (SDSE)FullDell RapidsSD14 of 59257.9250.77.2

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