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Observations of New DSR Soybeans for 2022


I feel the new product offerings launched for 2022 are bringing grand improvement in agronomics and yield potential. When you couple the bolstered characteristic strengths with the exceptional protection from our LumiGEN® soybean treatment package, there is no doubt in my mind we can offer a nearly unmatched portfolio for you and your customers.

DSR-0660E™ brand: Excellent emergence this year and, despite the slow cool start to the season, it has shown great promise. Tolerance to IDC pressure in some tough conditions, while not bullet proof, looks to be at to slightly above average at this point. The canopy is fairly broad and tends to fill the row quickly, so in future seasons, look to moderate planting pops based on row width and planting mechanism utilized. Early expectations are high based on previous data and comments from our sales staff and dealers.

DSR-1010E™ brand: Height is not this line’s strong suit; however, what it brings to the table defensively from a “get up and go” perspective has our attention. Excellent PRR field tolerance was noted by several individuals. In areas where SWM reared its ugly head, tolerance appears average to above depending on disease severity and local weather conditions when compared to the dropped DSR-1032E™ brand. SDS is being noted in some locations where planting was early and moisture plentiful. Understanding this pathogen can be an issue when early planting and weather conditions favor development, treatment applications of ILeVO® have minimized exposure and things look good.

DSR-1290E™ brand:Extremely impressive looks and expectations across the board from the Dakotas to Michigan. Strong physical characteristics including a taller erect stature while projecting exceptional PRR field tolerance throughout the season. Solid IDC and SWM tolerances are noted by multiple observations and sources. This line is gorgeous in season, and we’re looking for strong yield data to facilitate its growing success in our portfolio.

DSR-1450E™ brand: Preliminary consensus from my sources is looking like this line should be a strong challenger to our number one selling DSR-1673E™ brand. While sporting equal to better agronomics, the outstanding visual factor alone suggests that this line will stand strong and yield well in 2021. This one also offers additional herbicide tolerance as it contains the native STS attribute.

DSR-1707E™ brand: Sporting the best height in the late 1.0 RM group and more than capable agronomics, this is going to be a defensive stopper. Best in class SWM, highly tolerant to BSR, and strong emergence allow fearless placement on everyone’s farm. Sell it treated with at least a basic fungicide package and it will positively cover any acre you throw at it.

DSR-1820E™ brand: Absolutely a must-have for agronomics and top end yield in this RM! Strong ability versus IDC and SWM with a 1k gene for PRR and above average field tolerance are allowing this bean to stand out even before we run the combines through the field. Height on this line is moderate at best with an average canopy width generously blessed pod set which sets a high bar for yield potential. I see a perennial winner this product.

DSR-2040E™ brand: Better height by several inches and narrower appearance than DSR-2030E™ brand in the many locations I viewed this line. Taking SWM pressure better and a far tamer look at harvest, completely shedding its petioles with improved standability compared to 2030E™ brand. This line has been catching people’s attention.

DSR-3001™ brand: Our new conventional clear hilum line is looking awesome when planted side-by-side with our stalwart DSR-3200™ brand conventional line in several locations. Coming in a good two days earlier with far better BSR tolerance and similar SDS. Early on in the season, the PRR field tolerance appeared slightly softer even with both lines sporting major PRR gene presence, 1c versus 1a respectively. I foresee a new food grade champion coming to the plate, as testing from several end users has shown protein levels are hitting the bar for tofu production.

DSR-3177E™ brand: This new 2022 release, I believe, is a bit of a sleeper. Emergence and early vigor shined early on, but as harvest draws near, visuals are muted until you note pod set and note seed size in areas where the moisture fell in a timely fashion. I predict this line will produce solid yields even when competing against lines a half again later in RM group. We’ll let the combine decide.

DSR-3738E™ brand: Broad with tremendous lateral branching and pod set, this line will shine at harvest. Standability is far better than its predecessor, DSR-3989E™. brand FES tolerance is absolutely phenomenal where there is pressure this year. Excellent PRR field tolerance was observed in several locations, but with the lack of a major PRR gene, we suggest selling this line treated with a LumiGEN package to allow it to shine its brightest.

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