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  • Product and Agronomy Research (PAR) Results: Utrisha™ N Observations
    The use of biological products that aid in nutrient management is becoming common place across the Dairyland Seed footprint. Our nitrogen management study looked at a couple of these products and we also have folks looking at these products on their own operations. Utrisha™ N by Corteva Agriscience™ was used by several folks and they were gracious enough to share their findings with us, and this study summarizes what folks saw from the product in the wild.
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  • Product and Agronomy Research (PAR) Results: Soybean Rolling
    Intentional damage to the terminal growing point of soybeans is believed to increase branching and produce more nodes from which pods may develop. These practices are often brought up at meetings anecdotally and some claim to have seen increases in yield. We will look at rolling soybeans at the V2-V3 growth stage and determine if this practice increases yield.
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  • Product and Agronomy Research (PAR) Results: Soybean Seed Treatment - Wabash
    Early season seedling diseases and pests can wreak havoc on soybean stands. Soybean seed treatments can help preserve stand that would otherwise be lost to these early season pests. In this study we examined the efficacy of our LumiGEN® soybean seed treatment offerings as compared to an untreated check. The variety used in this study was DSR-3499E™ planted at 110,000 seeds per acre on May 21, 2022.
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