Research leads to breakthroughs in silage varieties, but combining it with close attention to your particular needs leads to a breakthrough where it counts—on your farm.


We identify our silage-specific hybrids as HiDF—Highly Digestible Forage. Our corn research staff has been aggressively working to identify and develop new genetics that will carry critical silage components into the evolving corn silage market. Through this effort we’ve released HiDF silage hybrids ranging from 88 to 110 days of maturity.

There are a few things that make breeding for corn silage a challenge. Unlike corn for grain, this is still an evolving science and there is no industry consensus about what it takes to make a great silage hybrid. From region to region, farm to farm and nutritionist to nutritionist, the answer often will be different.

Ultimately at Dairyland Seed, we aim to deliver more milk per every HiDF acre by focusing our efforts to improve these four key components of corn silage:

  1. Tonnage
  2. Floury starch and nutritional enhancement
  3. Fiber digestibility
  4. Plant synchronicity

Thanks to our extensive on-farm strip trial program and our in-house research efforts, we assess all four of these components before releasing a HiDF hybrid.

Each year we screen dozens of hybrid combinations for potential commercial release.

This process is what makes Dairyland Seed stand apart from its competitors. We’re not simply selling grain hybrids for silage. HiDF hybrids are silage-focused with solid research behind them.

We’re excited about the corn silage genetics that we’re working with. And we continue to bring forward only the best possible silage hybrids under our HiDF designation.