Excellent data in 2020 University OF WISCONSIN SOYBEAN VARIETY PERFORMANCE trials!






 Yield (bu/a)Plot AverageAdvantage (bu/a)
0.7DSR-0717EMarshfieldNorthern Glyphosate Tolerant7 of 33*72639
0.7DSR-0717ESpooner Irrig.Northern Glyphosate Tolerant7 of 33*55532
0.7DSR-0717E3-Loc AveNorthern Glyphosate Tolerant8 of 33*62593
0.9DSR-0920EArlingtonNorthern Early MG2 of 33*89836
1.0DSR-1032EMarshfieldNorthern Glyphosate Tolerant3 of 33*776314
1.0DSR-1032E3-Loc AveNorthern Glyphosate Tolerant8 of 33*62593
2.0E20-101EHancockCentral Glyphosate Tolerant3 of 72*94859
2.0E20-101E3-Loc AveCentral Glyphosate Tolerant7 of 72*82784
2.0E20-101EFond du LacCentral Glyphosate Tolerant8 of 72*73667
2.4DSR-2424EPlattevilleSouthern Glyphosate Tolerant5 of 75*95869
2.4E24-201EArlingtonSouthern Glyphosate Tolerant6 of 75*90855
2.9DSR-2999EPlattevilleSouthern Glyphosate Tolerant2 of 75*968610

* Yields preceded by an asterisk are not significantly different (0.10 level) than the highest yielding cultivar.


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