Excellent data FOR South Dakota & MINNESOTA IN 2020 F.I.R.S.T. SOYBEAN trials!



Trial Name





Yield (bu/a)Plot AverageAdvantage (bu/a)
0.7DSR-0717EMinnesota North Central (MNNC)EarlyWendellMN4 of 2749.742.77.0
0.7DSR-0717EMinnesota North Central (MNNC)EarlyRoyaltonMN6 of 2748.544.54.0
0.8DSR-0847EMinnesota North Central (MNNC)EarlyRoyaltonMN1 of 2756.644.512.1
0.8DSR-0847EMinnesota North Central (MNNC)EarlySummaryMN7 of 2743.939.04.9
0.8DSR-0847EMinnesota North Central (MNNC)EarlyClear LakeMN8 of 2732.729.92.8
0.9DSR-0920EMinnesota North Central (MNNC)EarlyWendellMN3 of 2752.242.79.5
0.9DSR-0920EMinnesota North Central (MNNC)EarlySummaryMN4 of 2744.639.05.6
0.9DSR-0920EMinnesota North Central (MNNC)EarlyRoyaltonMN7 of 2748.144.53.6
0.9DSR-0920EMinnesota North Central (MNNC)EarlyClear LakeMN7 of 2733.429.93.5
1.0DSR-1032ESouth Dakota Northeast (SDNE)AllBathSD20 of 7269.566.23.3
1.3DSR-1318EMinnesota North Central (MNNC)FullSummaryMN3 of 6254.448.06.4
1.3DSR-1318EMinnesota North Central (MNNC)FullClear LakeMN4 of 6255.646.39.3
1.3DSR-1318EMinnesota North Central (MNNC)FullRoyaltonMN6 of 6248.839.19.7
1.3DSR-1318ESouth Dakota Northeast (SDNE)AllMansfieldSD9 of 7273.367.36.0
1.3DSR-1318EMinnesota Central (MNCE)EarlyBuffaloMN9 of 4269.261.18.1
1.3DSR-1318ESouth Dakota Northeast (SDNE)AllWebsterSD15 of 7257.153.63.5
1.3DSR-1318ESouth Dakota Northeast (SDNE)AllSummarySD20 of 7261.359.41.9
1.6DSR-1673ESouth Dakota East Central (SDEC)AllArlingtonSD7 of 6354.249.05.2
1.9DSR-2030EMinnesota South (MNSO)EarlyLambertonMN7 of 4871.366.44.9
1.9DSR-2030ESouth Dakota East Central (SDEC)AllColtonSD19 of 6366.364.32.0
2.1DSR-2112EMinnesota South Central (MNSC)FullNerstrandMN1 of 4873.162.610.5
2.1DSR-2112EMinnesota South Central (MNSC)FullMadison LakeMN9 of 4873.870.23.6

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