Excellent data in 2020 University of Illinois hybrid corn trials!






Yield (bu/a)Plot AverageAdvantage (bu/a)
103DS-4310AMMt. MorrisNorth Reg Early3 of 2024423113
103DS-4310AMFentonNorth Reg Early6 of 202412356
103DS-4310AM3-Loc AveNorth Reg Early8 of 202422375
105DS-4329AMMt. MorrisNorth Reg Early3 of 2024423113
105DS-4329AM3-Loc AveNorth Reg Early5 of 202452378
105DS-4329AMFentonNorth Reg Early6 of 202412356
105DS-4329AMDeKalbNorth Reg Early7 of 202492454
105DS-4580QMt. MorrisNorth Reg Early1 of 2025223121
105DS-4580Q3-Loc AveNorth Reg Early11 of 202382371
108DS-4840AMDeKalbNorth Reg Any RM17 of 8826825612
110DS-5018Q3-Loc AveNorth Reg Any RM13 of 8825824711
110DS-5018QDeKalbNorth Reg Any RM15 of 8826925613
110DS-5018QMt. MorrisNorth Reg Any RM18 of 8824323211
110DS-5018QFentonNorth Reg Any RM26 of 8826325211
111DS-5144QDeKalbNorth Reg Any RM3 of 8828025624
111DS-5144QMt. MorrisNorth Reg Any RM14 of 8824523213
112DS-5279QDeKalbNorth Reg Any RM1 of 8828125625

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