Excellent data FOR NORTH DAKOTA IN 2020 F.I.R.S.T. corn GRAIN trials!



Trial Name





Yield (bu/a)Plot AverageAdvantage (bu/a)
83DS-2350RRRed River Central (RRCE)EarlyGeorgetownMN12 of 51157.5148.39.2
85DS-2505QRed River South (RRSO)EarlyWendellMN5 of 44178.0167.410.6
90DS-3030AMRed River Central (RRCE)FullGrand ForksMN5 of 36136.7125.211.5
90DS-3030AMRed River Central (RRCE)FullBlanchardND11 of 36155.7148.47.3
90DS-3030AMRed River Central (RRCE)FullSummary11 of 36142.0137.05.0
90DS-3030AMRed River South (RRSO)EarlyFairmontND14 of 44175.0155.119.9
90DS-3030AMRed River South (RRSO)EarlySummary14 of 44166.8160.16.7
91DS-3162QRed River Central (RRCE)FullGrand ForksMN8 of 36135.1125.29.9
91DS-3162QRed River South (RRSO)FullFeltonMN12 of 47165.4159.06.4
91DS-3193AMRed River Central (RRCE)FullGeorgetownMN4 of 36171.9157.714.2
91DS-3193AMRed River Central (RRCE)FullBlanchardND9 of 36156.3148.47.9
93DS-3345AMRed River South (RRSO)FullWendellMN6 of 47196.5186.79.8
93DS-3366QRed River South (RRSO)FullFeltonMN9 of 47167.6159.08.6
93DS-3366QRed River South (RRSO)FullWendellMN11 of 47193.8186.77.1
93DS-3366QRed River South (RRSO)FullWheatonMN14 of 47152.7144.18.6
95DS-3550AMRed River South (RRSO)FullFeltonMN3 of 47171.3159.012.3
95DS-3550AMRed River South (RRSO)FullFairmontND7 of 47206.2182.823.4
95DS-3550AMRed River South (RRSO)FullSummary10 of 47176.3168.18.2

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