We're committed to developing corn genetics to enhance your yield and help your business grow. Our corn varieties help meet our customer’s needs and capitalize on opportunities.


For over thirty years Dairyland Seed’s aggressive corn breeding team worked on a germplasm base that was widely respected across the industry. Although it was by no means the biggest breeding program, we were consistently able to produce top tier hybrids for our Dairyland market. In part, it is this scrappy determination combined with our highly talented breeding staff that has led to the success of our germplasm within Dow AgroSciences.

Being an integral part of the greater Dow AgroSciences research effort has provided many benefits to Dairyland Seed’s hybrid corn line up. We now are able to select elite hybrids from a broader germplasm base that covers our entire Dairyland sales territory. These hybrids are extensively tested, over years, across a wide range of environments. This expansive testing network allows us to gain the critical characteristic information necessary to make product recommendations for your farm.

Another key advantage from being a part of Dow AgroSciences is having access to the newest technologies like SmartStax® Refuge Advanced.® There are many more intriguing technologies currently making their way through the pipeline. At Dairyland Seed we have the opportunity to offer you the latest high-yielding genetics with the newest technologies, backed by our extensive trusted research.