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Thank You!

BY Dairyland Seed Agronomy Team
To our Dairyland Seed Family,

Each and every week I have the privilege of listening to Dairyland Seed’s Agronomy Team pull together this newsletter. Each week I am impressed with the knowledge and experience that they pour into their articles. I hope you have come to appreciate them as much as I have.

As we wind down the year 2020 and head into the holiday season, I would just like to say Thank You. Thank you to all of you, my agronomy team, my coworkers, and to Dairyland Seed’s dealers and customers. 2020 has presented all of us with unprecedented challenges in both our work and personal lives. Every day we are faced with decisions that a year ago we could not have imagined. I have had so many people tell me that they have never felt so isolated and unconnected. I myself have struggled with this. Through it all though, I have come to have a greater appreciation for the individual personalities that make up our collective Dairyland Seed Family. Each of you play a critical role in defining who we are and who we will be when this is over.

Our families have taken on greater importance in our lives, and I hope that we can continue to support and strengthen our relationships however we can. I know that some days it may not be clear, but we have been truly blessed. So, as we celebrate another harvest, our Nation, and Christmas, however it looks, let us be thankful.

You all are appreciated, and we are grateful to have you in our Dairyland Seed Family.

To you and your families, God Bless and Thank You for all that you do!

Ryan Mueller

Product Portfolio and Agronomy Leader

Brian Weller
Brian Weller
Western Region
Dan Ritter
Central Region
Branden Furseth
Northern Region
Rod King
Eastern Region
Terry Jones
Eastern Region
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