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Next Generation Dairyland Seed Enlist E3 brand soybeans now available!


Dairyland Seed announced the release of eight new mid-season Dairyland Seed brand Enlist E3® soybeans for 2022.  These eight Next Gen Dairyland Seed brand Enlist E3 soybeans come with unique Corteva Agriscience™ genetics, proven performance, and an improved agronomic package.

Below are the product descriptions for these 2022 mid-season releases.  You can also find these products on our website at  Please contact your local Dairyland Seed rep for more information.

DSR-0220E™ brand is our earliest offering coming in as an immediate replacement for DSR-0119E™. Jumping into the fray carrying the best emergence in this RM with very good standability and PI88788 SCN defense. Protection for early season PRR field tolerance is solid and when coupled with a 1k gene should provide early season stress protection in cooler planting conditions. A great visual improvement with a lite tawny pubescence with brown pods. And, with a + 4.3 bushel yield advantage over retiring DSR-0119E™ brand, it is a "no-brainer”. We have good supply of this one, get them while their hot!

DSR-0757E™ brand is an all-around agronomic horse coming in with our best SWM score of 2! Credible and consistent protection for standability, emergence, PRR field tolerance, and carrying Rps1c will keep this one on course in tough environments. Western drought areas did hamper data to a degree. However, I feel when blessed with H2O and manage appropriately where SDS is common concern, and when placed in zone, it will provide the ability to succeed. A great addition to the portfolio, bringing in + 1.3 bushel advantage over the test mean over multiple years of testing in those locations. 

DSR-1505E™ brand is a gorgeous lite tawny product that will provide a multi-punch product when partnered with DSR-1290E™ and DSR-1450E™. Coming in with best-in-class SWM, BSR, and SDS defense, this line proved its ability to withstand tough environmental conditions demonstrating its best advantage in droughty locations in 2021. Comparative head-to-head data + 0.3 and + 1.9 bu. advantage over DSR-1450E™ and DSR-1673E™ respectively. 

DSR-1919E™ brand will cover our footprint well from east to west with a solid yield advantage of over + 2 bushel compared to DSR-1673E™, DSR-1707E™, and DSR-1820E™ in over 120 research locations of testing. Producing additional height compared to both DSR-2030E™ and DSR-2040E™ on the later side of this RM. Peking SCN, exceptional emergence, Rps1k, along with solid scoring for IDC, SWM, and SDS defense help this line perform well in a host of environments. With its broader canopy and very competitive agronomics, DSR-1919E™ will provide yet another weapon bringing improved defense and impressive yield potential. 

DSR-2188E™ brand is your best bet to capitalize on all out-yield potential even in tougher western conditions prone to serious IDC pressure. Hosting well above average scores for IDC, emergence, BSR, & FES, while carrying the Rps1k gene, this line has what it takes. Utilize best management practices to stifle SWM and SDS and this line will not disappoint. Mid-season quantities are slightly lower on this line, so be certain to reach out and acquire some units to try on your farm.

DSR-2562E™ brand is maybe our key launch of this mid-season class. Between the attention-getting visuals, and incredible defensive nature of this line, it truly has “Rockstar” potential. This line can go anywhere where serious IDC pressure is NOT a concern. Excellent standability, highly tolerant to BSR, and our highest SDS score open up tons of options for this line to take root and climb to the top for yield and looks. Virtually every location received “strong advance” comments while walking plots this fall and the yield data is impressive. + 2 bu. versus DSR-2424E™, DSR-2555E™, and DSR-2590E™ at approximately 100 locations in 2021. Do not miss your opportunity to grab a box or four for your 2022 planting season!  

DSR-2717E™ brand is all about the yield and will require some BMPs to enable maximum success. This line will provide broad coast-to-coast performance for higher yielding management systems. With Peking SCN, moderate tolerance to BSR, solid IDC, and exceptional FES defense, this line has what is needed to put the beans in the tank. Over 150 research locations provided roughly a + 2.5 bushel winning record for this new launch when compared to our existing DSR-2640E™ and DSR-2844E™. 

DSR-3499E™ brand will add another top-notch product to our outstanding offerings currently in the portfolio for mid-3.0 RM zone. Great emergence, Rps1k, capable BSR defense, with exceptional tolerances to both Charcoal Rot and FES provide valued defensive characteristics to protect yield and expand and already stellar lineup in the RM. Research testing showed a 2.0 bushel advantage over the entire test mean in the Dairyland Seed footprint. Additional data on versus DSR-3256E™ and DSR-3365E™ also verified a + 2.0 and 1.5 bushel advantage respectively. 

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Brian Weller
Western Region
Dan Ritter
Central Region
Branden Furseth
Northern Region
Mark Gibson
Eastern Region
Amanda Goffnett
Eastern Region
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