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New Soybean Additions


2021 planting season ushers in renewed hope and focus on the future, as well as our newest class of ten DSR products. Thirty products make up our complete product portfolio for this year including nine new Dairyland Seed brand Enlist E3® soybeans and one new clear hilum conventional. These products bolster our already competent lineup with improved agronomic defense and the yield potential you have come to expect from Dairyland Seed.

DSR-0660E™ brand is the newest early season product and brings impressive looks with a considerable bump in yield potential. The yield demonstrated in this line easily sent DSR-0577E™ brand and DSR-0717E™ brand back to the barn to lick their wounds. Slightly broad with average height, supported by capable early season vigor and solid defensive attributes, allowed us to launch this line with utmost confidence.

DSR-1010E™ brand will be a direct replacement for retiring DSR-1032E™ brand. Solid IDC, above average emergence and standability, improved BSR and SWM, not to mention a considerable yield bump, provides strong impetus for you get to look at this line on your acres this spring.

DSR-1290E™ brand is an exciting addition that provides best-in-class agronomics for SWM, PRR field tolerance, emergence and standability, which all help to support its impressive yield potential. This line offers the needed increased genetic diversity in this RM and has the ability to build a solid package of products that will keep you coming back for more. While there are limited units to place this spring, contact your local DSM to ensure you get this line to test in your local plots.

DSR-1450E™ brand offers up another line to the mix with limited availability to get in the ground for this planting season. When partnered with DSR-1318E™ brand and DSR-1673E™ brand, growers can realize an impressive combination punch that will surely impress. Extremely strong emergence, PRR field tolerance, SCN, and standability help drive this selection to the forefront allowing for future continued success.

DSR-1707E™ brand has ample supply and is set to protect some of your toughest acres with consistent and reliable results year over year. Highly tolerant to BSR, Rps1k gene with good PRR field tolerance, ability to defend against SWM & IDC pressure provide this line the strength and stamina to succeed in just about any field situation. Talk with your DSM to secure some units today.

DSR-1820E™ brand adds to this RM’s genetic diversity and improves opportunity to put additional beans in the tank compared to our current and incoming DSR products. Scoring 2 for IDC and 3 for SWM should make this line a front runner in any yield environments. After seeing this line last spring in multiple environments, I believe it will impress even the most stringent of growers. Watch for this one in your plots!

DSR-2040E™ brand features sturdy defensive characteristics with a thinner stature and similar height to DSR-2030E™ brand with a substantially better SWM score. Expect this line to mature about a day later and sport a purple flower helping to distinguish this line in your operation.

DSR-3001™ brand, our new clear hilum conventional product, shows promise as a major food grade option for this market segment. Sporting an above average protein content and competent defensive attributes, this line will provide additional conventional options within our portfolio.

DSR-3177E™ brand sports superb emergence, PRR field tolerance, Rps1C gene, and FES scores. It is moderately susceptible to BSR and would benefit from best management practices to reduce SWM risk. But, once you see the impressive visuals and incredible yield punch this line provides, it should have a home in your lineup for multiple years. While we have currently placed most available units for 2021 planting, check with your DSM and see if you can arrange a couple of plot units to decide for yourself.

DSR-3738E™ brand has the best rating we give for PRR field tolerance, and average to above in all categories. Much better yield that the dropped DSR-3989E™ brand with the same height. Treat this line to ensure the best possible yield outcome.

These new lines for 2022 can be viewed in all of our 2021 local and third-party plots. If you’d like to see these lines for yourself, talk to your local DSM or Regional Agronomist to be added to our plot cooperator listing. Experiencing new lines opens doors to improving our and your ability to select, place, and succeed with the newest products and innovations. Be safe and happy planting!

The transgenic soybean event in Enlist E3® soybeans is jointly developed and owned by Dow AgroSciences LLC and M.S. Technologies L.L.C.

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