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Introducing New Corn Hybrids for 2022

BY Ryan Mueller, Product Portfolio/Agronomy Leader

I would like to introduce you to the new class of corn hybrids for 2022. I am excited about what these products add to the Dairyland Seed portfolio. These hybrids have earned their way into an already good line up.

There is a nice mix of new products sprinkled throughout our maturity spectrum. The data would suggest that this class has a chance to further separate our performance from the competition.

Due to this fact we have invested a significant percentage of our 2022 crop plan into these hybrids, we were able to procure commercial quantities of many of these hybrids for commercial use in 2021. While many are sold out, some still have inventory to get. If you are interested, please check with your District Sales Manager to see if there is availability of a hybrid that you have interest in.

Also, the District Sales Managers and Regional Agronomists have been equipped with data to share with you if needed. We also have plot seed for each of these hybrids and will be in our structured corn plots. I will do a deep dive on these products at our trainings this summer. I look forward to seeing all of you again soon.

Take care and have a safe planting season!

Brand RM
DS-2080AM™ 80
DS-2828AM™ 88
DS-3022AM™ 90
DS-3345C™ 93
DS-3727AM™ 97
DS-3959AM™ 99
DS-3959Q™ 99
HIDF-4073Q™ 100
DS-4917AM™ 109
DS-5250AM™ 112
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