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Introducing HybriForce-4420/WET™

BY Sara Hagen, Product Support Specialist

Dairyland Seed has a rich history of providing innovative alfalfa products that can perform in variable growing conditions, soil types, and management styles. Since 2003, Dairyland Seed has offered a version of their best alfalfa products that have the ability to branch their roots in stressful conditions, making them excellent performers in poorly-drained soils while still being very good options for well-drained and moderately-drained soils.

Now available for the 2022 planting season is HybriForce-4420/WET. This 4th-generation hybrid alfalfa with branch-root technology is your best chance for getting alfalfa established in challenging wet soils and boasts the strongest multi-race Aphanomyces resistance in the marketplace. HybriForce-4420/WET grows very aggressively in the seeding year producing great yields and profitability with an excellent disease resistance package. This brand-new release raises the yield potential to the next level for wet soils!

Disease Rating Index (DRI)  35/35
Fall Dormancy (FD)  4
Winter Survival (WS)  3.0*
Aphanomyces (Aph) Race 1 & Race 2  HR
Anthracnose (AN)  HR
Bacterial Wilt (BW)  HR
Fusarium Wilt (FW)  HR
Phytophthora Root Rot (PRR)  HR
Verticillium Wilt (VW) HR

* Score determined by new 2017 winter survival rating system. New genetics actual winter survival is equal to or better than previous products.



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