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A “Positivity Bias” for 2021 and Beyond


2019’s commercial approval for Dairyland Seed brand Enlist E3® soybeans to be planted in the Midwest was a game changing development. Dairyland Seed stepped into the 2020 growing season with a broader portfolio demonstrating the features of the Enlist™ weed control system with soybean genetics that exhibit needed phenotypic characteristics to compete and succeed in the market today.

Harvest data will help us determine the lines that reign supreme and those that can contend even in less than favorable conditions. What have we taken note of to date for the nine newest additions to our 2021 product offering?

DSR-0645E™ demonstrates solid emergence and very nice early vigor especially in IDC prone soils. The Rps3a gene in this line appears to have brought it through some fairly tough environments this season. Excellent BSR resistance with a little more height than 0577E will find a solid following quickly.

DSR-0920E™ has a markedly different physical stature than 1032E, taller and broader with an amazing aptitude to set tons of pods on abundant lateral branches. Scored well in NDSU’s IDC visual rating report in some higher pressured soils. Looks to respond well to reductions in planting population and shows tremendous yield potential.

DSR-2112E™ has caught many folk’s attention. Without a PRR resistance gene, it had very impressive emergence notes and vigor comments! Average to a little better versus SWM pressure in multiple locations. Seems to be hitting its spot for RM coming in later than 2030E and 2239E (which is a little earlier than expected) while being earlier in RM than 2222E with similar height and width and exceptional pod set.

DSR-2424E™ is our first Peking SCN resistant Enlist E3® soybean. It look sharp! Impressive IDC tolerance in our western footprint as well. This line is showing an ability to close 15” and wider row scenarios extremely quick. Initial impressions are it can respond to moderated planting pops in productive and tougher soils alike. White mold pressure was muted to extremely variable to some degree. Even with a
questionable tolerance score, it appears to have fared very well this season. This one will sell out quick!

DSR-2590E™ and DSR-2640E™ While demonstrating solid genetic diversity in this RM, these impressive products are a horse a piece when it comes to phenotypic differences for disease and stature characterization. They split their differences in flower and pod color, 2590E purple and brown while 2640E is white and tan. I believe the combine will determine superiority. Hopefully, both will win out!!

DSR-2999E™ overall shows agronomic improvements over most of the lines surrounding it in our plots for this RM. While we were short PRR field tolerance scores on this line in 2020 data, we feel it has shown slightly superior tendencies compared to the others in early 3.0 RM. Impressive looks and lateral branching have this line laden with pods. Looks to be on top of 3058E for RM, while 3146E appears to be even
a tickle earlier by a day or so compared to 2999E’s progress. Looks to be an attention getter for yield potential.

DSR-3256E™ a little shorter in stature than the lines on either side of it in the portfolio. Appears to be more at home in loamier, better drained situations, but in those situations, it is an immensely impressive sight. Seed treatments will consistently improve its potential in
heavier, poorly drained soil conditions. Appears to be more susceptible to FES based on 2020 observations, so treatment is advised in high pressure situations to maximize yield. This line carries strong tolerance to STS chemistries opening up additional post herbicide options for weed control.

DSR-3587E™ is so dark green it almost has a blueish appearance in late reproductive stages. Very impressive agronomics, looks, and height. Likely one of the taller lines at the end of our portfolio. Solid comments and appearance from everyone. This line will have memorable harvest visuals with its attractive tawny good looks.

Our first real world looks at this platform is truly providing a “Pollyannaish” attitude for everyone! Does my incredibly biased optimism show? Undoubtedly! We certainly feel the soybean aficionados in our footprint join along in this incredible enthusiasm for 2021. Dairyland’s focus, commitment, and determination to bring quality Enlist E3® soybeans showcasing competitive yield and durable agronomics while providing multiple pre and post herbicide choices for Enlist One® and Enlist Duo® chemistries is outshining others during the 2020 planting season. Growers and ag professionals alike are  taking serious notice -- are you?

So come on, kick “Eeyore” out to pasture and join us in the excitement and demonstrated efficacy of the Enlist™ weed control system and enjoy your own “Pollyanna” moment in the very near future. You “ain’t” seen nothing yet! Dairyland Seed’s future is as bright as its ever been and our DSR portfolio will only improve and deepen as we breed for future DSR lines in the coming years!

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