Dairyland Seed Announces Corn Silage Yieldmaster Contest Winners

Dairyland Seed recently announced the National and State winners for its second annual Corn Silage Yieldmaster Contest. 

The title of National Corn Silage Yieldmaster was awarded to Tony & Leary Fischer of Mt. Hope, WI with a yield of 40.63 tons/acre with HiDF-3510SSX.


Indiana Corn Silage Yieldmasters:

  • First Place: Clark Yates of Fair Oaks - 35.35 tons/acre with HiDF-3510SSX. 
  • Second Place: Tim Troyer, Laotto - 26.77 tons/acre with HiDF-3510SSX


Iowa Corn Silage Yieldmaster:

  • First Place: Michael Ryan of Ryan - 35.2 tons/acre with HiDF-3605RA. 


Minnesota Corn Silage Yieldmasters: 

  • First Place:  Schefers Dairy of Rice - 32.29 tons/acre with HIDF-3702-9
  • Second Place: Mursu Dairy of New York Mills - 26.92 tons/acre with HIDF-3702


North Dakota Corn Silage Yieldmasters: 

  • First Place: David Wald of Edgeley - 34.58 tons/acre with HIDF-3510SSX
  • Second Place: P & C Van Bedaf of Carrington - 30.74 tons/acre with HIDF-3702-9
  • Third Place: Sam Twedt of McHenry – 27.88 tons/acre with HIDF-3702-9


South Dakota Corn Silage Yieldmasters: 

  • First Place: Bill & Eric Mueller of Big Stone - 32.56 tons/acre with HIDF-3510SSX
  • Second Place: Darrell Dargatz of Webster - 30.22 tons/acre with HiDF-3808RA


Wisconsin Corn Silage Yieldmasters: 

  • First Place: Tony & Leary Fischer of Mt. Hope – 40.63 tons/acre with HIDF-3510SSX
  • Second Place: Doug Grotegut of Newton - 39.92 tons/acre with HIDF-3605RA
  • Third Place: Steve Carpenter of Darlington – 39.18 tons/acre with HIDF-3510SSX


“Congratulations to all of these winners.  I am very impressed with the many yields in excess of 30 tons per acre,” stated Dairyland Seed General Manager Tom Strachota.  “Tony and Leary Fischer attained terrific yield levels above 40 tons per acre.  They used their ingenuity and their inputs wisely. When combined with good growing conditions, they attained great yields.”

Dairyland Seed launched its HiDF (highly digestible fiber) hybrid corn breeding effort decades ago thanks to customer feedback.  As a result, a focused breeding effort was begun which led to better silage hybrids.  Your results reinforce the value of those breeding efforts.


Dairyland Seed was founded in 1907 and focuses its business on providing world-class hybrid corn, soybean and alfalfa genetics to American farmers.  Now part of Dow AgroSciences, the plant breeding efforts initiated by Dairyland have since expanded and products offered include SmartStax and Refuge Advanced.  Dairyland Seed is headquartered in West Bend, Wis.