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Soybeans Research

Soybean Research

For well over three decades, Dairyland has been committed to bringing you the newest and most innovative soybean genetics conceived by the efforts of our exceptional plant breeding team. These efforts have produced soybean genetics that are second to none in the agricultural arena of today’s most discerning and progressive farmers. With the advent and implementation of recent methods introduced into the plant breeding labors of Dairyland’s breeder scientists, the future is brighter than ever. The gains our soybean breeding team are relishing today come as a result of some of the most widely sought after soybean genetics in the marketplace coupled with our pipeline and projects such as:

  • Trait characterization nurseries
  • Pathology screening in disease nurseries for problematic issues such as  PRR, SWM, SDS, and many others
  • Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN) genetics and treatment methodologies
  • Environmental impact testing for emergence, vigor, IDC tolerance, etc…
  • Implementation of snp-based Marker Assisted Selection (MAS)
  • Research collaborations with several land grant universities
  • Expanded contra-season ability
  • Vastly increased location testing for yield and product placement studies

The fruits of these advances allow Dairyland Seed to bring you the most recent and highest performing soybean genetics available today, tomorrow, and well in to the future. The horizon is bright; so, climb on board!

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