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Head to Head Results
Below you will find both Head 2 Head comparisons and a Performance Summary. Use the Head 2 Head database to see how our products compare with others in the industry. Scroll down to find our Performance Summary and see where our products are performing well this year. We'll update this area frequently throughout the fall so keep coming back to get the most up-to-date information possible.

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Head to Head Results

Dairyland Advantage
ProductCompetitor Product# PlotsDairyland YieldCompetitor YieldYield%$
DSR-1215/R2YASGROW AG1102 165.564.50.9101%$12.42
DSR-1215/R2YASGROW AG1233 652.547.45.1111%$79.82
DSR-1215/R2YMYCOGEN 5N110R2 1757.754.92.7105%$42.72
DSR-1215/R2YNK S10-P9 545.541.93.7109%$50.32
DSR-1215/R2YNK S12-L5 559.255.43.9107%$59.96
DSR-1215/R2YNK S14-M4 167.360.17.2112%$96.80
DSR-1215/R2YNK S15-L5 554.445.19.4121%$143.16

Assumed market price of $13.75. Yield Results may contain multiple years of data.

Performance Summary

Default sort is by state then city.

DSR-1215/R2Y1.22013On-Farm Research PlotBreckenridgeMN47.940.47.54
DSR-1215/R2Y1.22013On-Farm Research PlotCambridgeMN33.531.61.91
DSR-1215/R2Y1.22013On-Farm Research PlotHermanMN49.047.71.33
DSR-1215/R2Y1.22013North Dakota State UniversityBarnes Cty, RR Dryland 2013ND61.651.89.81
DSR-1215/R2Y1.22013On-Farm Research PlotBuffaloND50.047.03.02
DSR-1215/R2Y1.22013North Dakota State UniversityDickey Cty, RR Irrigated, 2011-13ND75.870.75.12
DSR-1215/R2Y1.22013North Dakota State UniversityDickey Cty, RR Irrigated, 2012-13ND78.773.75.02
DSR-1215/R2Y1.22013Yield CheckBig Stone CitySD61.5   
DSR-1215/R2Y1.22013On-Farm Research PlotBig Stone CitySD55.453.42.03
DSR-1215/R2Y1.22013On-Farm Research PlotLake NordenSD66.163.92.22
DSR-1215/R2Y1.22013On-Farm Research PlotRamonaSD48.545.43.12
DSR-1215/R2Y1.22013On-Farm Research PlotRosholtSD52.751.01.72
DSR-1215/R2Y1.22013On-Farm Research PlotDenmarkWI50.549.11.42
DSR-1215/R2Y1.22013On-Farm Research PlotGrantsburgWI30.925.95.01
DSR-1215/R2Y1.22013On-Farm Research PlotKaukaunaWI66.764.81.92
DSR-1215/R2Y1.22013On-Farm Research PlotManitowocWI67.262.44.81
DSR-1215/R2Y1.22013Yield CheckManitowocWI67.2   
DSR-1215/R2Y1.22013On-Farm Research PlotMarionWI58.752.26.52
DSR-1215/R2Y1.22013University of WisconsinNo. Central Region 3-Location 2012-13WI59.056.03.03
DSR-1215/R2Y1.22013University of WisconsinNo. Central Region 3-Location 2013WI38.037.01.010
DSR-1215/R2Y1.22013On-Farm Research PlotOcontoWI43.637.75.93
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