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Corn for Grain Research

Hybrid Corn Research

At Dairyland Seed we take great pride in our corn genetics.  For over thirty years our breeding team has maintained an intense focus on improving our corn genetics, first and foremost.   This talented team is second to none when it comes to the development and commercialization of new corn hybrids.  As we move forward with Dow Agro Science’s research, these breeding efforts will only be enhanced.  We are now able to draw from a much larger germplasm pool and have significantly increased our testing programs.   Already, we are seeing exciting new hybrid combinations come forward through this collaboration.  Whether it be a conventional, SmartStax®, or Refuge Advanced®, we will continue to work hard to bring forward high yielding genetics into the Dairyland Seed line up.

At Dairyland Seed we are excited to be on the cutting edge of several new corn technologies, including Dow AgroSciences Refuge Advanced® powered by SmartStax®.  Refuge Advanced®, is a refuge in a bag technology designed for farmer’s to maximize their whole on farm yields.  Refuge Advanced® also insures, for the farmer, EPA regulatory compliance.  Refuge Advanced®, is a one bag system, with 5% refuge blended evenly throughout the bag.

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