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Alfalfa Research

Alfalfa Research

Dairyland Seed is home to the largest alfalfa testing program in the world!  Our alfalfa breeders harvest nearly 80,000 research plot trials each year.  This extensive testing program is just one component used in the identification of hybrid alfalfa crosses that improve genetic yield.  Why does no one else harvest this many trials?  It’s because Dairyland Seed is the only company in the world that develops alfalfa hybrids.  Our patented msSunstra™ hybrid alfalfa breeding system has revolutionized the alfalfa seed industry, and alfalfa growers worldwide are now seeing the yield benefits as a result of the only alfalfa yield gain technology available today.  Using this breeding system, our alfalfa breeders are able to control pollination throughout the entire seed production process.  As a result, our Dairyland Seed HybriForce alfalfa hybrids arrive at the farm as first generation seed instead of third or fourth.  Why does hybrid alfalfa yield more?  It’s simple:  Our first generation hybrid seed has not suffered from random pollination and inbreeding depression that occurs during non-hybrid seed increases.  We capture maximum hybrid vigor, others do not.

What does the future bring?

We are extremely excited about the future of alfalfa at Dairyland Seed.  Since the release of the world’s first hybrid alfalfa in 2001, our alfalfa breeding team has doubled the genetic yield gain in alfalfa.  Hybrid alfalfa products in the pipeline suggest that we will soon achieve a gain of over one percent per year.  Current non-hybrid alfalfas gain only .34 percent per year.  Our breeders continually search for better parents that will continue to drive this genetic yield gain higher, just like you would see in a hybrid corn breeding program.

If you want higher alfalfa yields, put the power of a hybrid in your fields.  Plant HybriForce hybrid alfalfa.  Give us a call if you are interested in seeing a strip trial near you.

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